What People Are Saying

A lifesaver in my MUSTY wardrobešŸ¤©

"I'm loving this thing! As all we know SG hush weatheršŸŒØ It has been a lifesaver in my tiny musty wardrobe in rainy days that I share with my partner. šŸ‹Not only does it keeps the air fresh and has a pleasant scent. I picked up the lavender tablets, and it was such a nice surprise when we opened the wardrobe."


Keep your wardrobe deliciously fresh

"This is one of those I never would have thought of it and now I canā€™t live without it productsšŸ¤©. Itā€™s so easy to use and makes my wardrobe about a thousand times more pleasant. A small one at that which will improve your daily quality of lifeāœØ. I really look forward to walking into my wardrobe now. Just love it"


Walk in my home refreshā˜€ļø

"šŸ’Wow, I'm really impressed with Airberry's room dryer! It's hands down the most effective one I've ever had. I love that it has a transparent water tank too - it's so satisfying to see how much water it collects in just a few hours!šŸ˜± And the dehumidifying function? Adorable! I'm definitely going to buy more for other rooms in my home."


The lovely aroma fills my wardrobe with a pleasant scent

"My wife loves lavender and this unit really pumps out the scent
Functions well and keeps her wardrobe smelling great šŸ‘—
Overall she would highly recommend this unit"


šŸ’§šŸŒ”ļøPowerful Temp&Humid Dual-Control

"šŸ¤—100% recommend this for smaller rooms/dressrooms/hallway!! It is compact, quiet and REALLY ABSORB WATER with create hot air!! It does help me to breath easily free from the stuffy musty airšŸŒØļø~ LOVE IT"


šŸ˜Small but mighty

The smart room dryer was awesome! During the rainy season, my rooms had a weird smell that just wouldn't go awayšŸ˜­. I tried all sorts of things like fancy air fresheners, laundry detergents, air purifiers, and thorough cleaning, but nothing seemed to work. However, after running it for about 24 hours, I noticed the smell had significantly faded. After a few days, the smell had completely disappearedāœØ! It was like magic!


The secret of my Home that everyone wants

airberry Smart Clothing Care Device

airberry Smart Room Dryer

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With the freshness in my closet
Start the day full of freshness & cleanliness

Mini laundry room in my closet
Care with airberry all at once!