[1+1] airberry Fragrance·Air Circulation SET+ UV-C Sterilization·Dehumidification SET/Cumulative Breakthrough Sales 500,000 sets! Consumer Selected Brand Clothes managing device No.1 airberry Smart Clothing Care Device: Your Ultimate Companion for Freshness, All-in-One!
Experience the All-in-One Solution- UV-C Sterilization · Dehumidification · Odor Elimination · Long-lasting Freshness with airberry Smart Care Device 1+1 Set
These two products serve different purposes;  one adds a lovely fragrance while the other eliminates bacteria and moisture. We strongly recommend using them together for an exceptional experience. However, you can hang them in two diffrent closet without any issue!
Effective moisture absorb with Recyclable dehumidifying gel without consumables, environmental protection.
Affordable dehumidifying gel Dehumidifying and deodorizing with reusable dehumidifying gel AirBerry UVC is the most advanced form of closet device with not only sterilizing and deodorizing effect, but also dehumidifying and refreshening features.
Experience a Fragrance Like No Other - Discover Your Perfect Scent with  blending airBerry's fragrance tablets. Exceptional Scent Spread Power –  airberry Fragrance Tablets have Nano-Sized Air Holes to ensure Maximum Exposure to the Air.
airberry’s Premium fragrance tablets/ airberry’s fragrance tablets is a highly enriched cosmetic fragrance of Concentrate Version made with Givaudan oil from Switzerland that is only used in Niche fragrances, unlike other normal air fresheners. Also, fragrance tablets that are developed with a unique method of airberry have excellent scent spread power and long-lasting power with a nano-sized air hole that has a size of 1/10,000 of hair by maximizing the exposure in the air.
[1+1] airberry Fragrance·Circulation SET+UV-C Sterilization·Dehumidification SET

[1+1] airberry Fragrance·Air Circulation SET+ UV-C Sterilization·Dehumidification SET

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